Rooftop at  Mr. Purple  NYC

Rooftop at Mr. Purple NYC


I worked in the video production industry for over six years, and have since applied those visual and project management skills to my UX design career. Visual aesthetics have always been my passion when capturing or editing a scene. The beauty of film and television is that they evoke emotion from a viewer. That rush of excitement when Daenerys emerged from the ashes with her baby dragons on her shoulders; the wave of sadness viewers felt when Wilson floated away to open sea, abandoning Tom Hanks to his solitude. These were powerful, immersive moments.

I became a UX designer because I have a strong passion for creating the perfect user experience. Whether this experience involves a mobile app that rescues a user with a taxi while she’s caught in the rain; or a webpage that perfectly balances a struggling family’s budget. I love finding what is needed and tirelessly working to make that experience a reality. At the end of the day, we’re doing so much more than making great apps or websites. We’re making people’s lives easier and better.

I believe in following a thorough, iterative UX process whenever possible: thoughtful, in-depth research followed by prototyping, user testing, rinse and repeat. This iterative process allows designers to trim the fat and create effective, viable products.